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Fumex ME Local Fume Extractor

Fumex ME Local Fume Extractor

Product Features

  • Unique joint design, resulting in very low pressure drop
  • Lower noise levels
  • Energy savings
  • Available in tube diameter Ø75 mm, with various constructions for ceiling, wall & bench installations


The Fumex ME is the ideal local extractor for laboratory environments. The unique joint design of the Fumex ME articulated extraction arm results in a very low pressure drop without requiring use of a larger system and can easily be combined with other extractors in the same ventilation system. The ME can provide significant energy savings within the laboratory, lower noise levels and less risk of disruptive ventilation noise. As standard, the weight of the extractor is supported by an internal helical spring in the first joint of the arm. For 2 metre arms, a tension gas spring is recommended for better stability and flexibility.

Numerous variants are available, including –

For use in most laboratory environments
Joints made from polypropylene and tubes from anodised aluminium

For environments containing high concentrates of corrosive pollutants
Joints and tubes made from polypropylene

For explosive environments
Joints and tubes made from conductive polypropylene

For environments where there is a risk of sparks from static electricity in the electronics industry
Joints and tubes made from conductive polypropylene

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