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Horizontal Flow Scrubbers - HFS (remote)


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Horizontal Flow Scrubbers - HFS (remote)

Product Features

  • Corrosion-resistant PVC or polypropylene construction
  • Standard size thick inlet & outlet flanges & round duct transitions
  • Spray headers easily removable for cleaning
  • Packing removal & sealed access panels
  • Proprietary PVC mist eliminator section
  • Liquid regulation valves for overflow & drain
  • In-line strainer to prevent nozzle blocking
  • Easily removable recirculation pump
  • Sump includes quick-access panel to float valve
  • Helical or open-orifice spray nozzles


Laboratory Systems Group vertical and horizontal fume scrubber designs are based on a wetted, packed bed technology to achieve removal of water soluble contaminants, soluble gas and particulate matter through mass transfer (gas absorption) and impingement (mechanical separation). Gas absorption is ideal for noxious or otherwise undesirable gasses, which are absorbed into the liquid phase, whilst impingement removes particulate matter as it is forced through a wetted packed bed and on through a mist eliminator blade or mesh pad filter section. Our scrubbers are available in either vertical (VFS) or horizontal (HFS) configurations, and are constructed from PVC or polypropylene for high corrosion resistance.  To find out more about our scrubber systems, contact us today.


VOLUME AIR (L/SEC) 400 700 1200
HEIGHT (mm) 1050 1150 1350
WIDTH(mm) 700 1100 1300
LENGTH ((mm)) 1900 2000 2000