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SafeGuard™ Vertical Laminar Flow Fume Cupboard


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SafeGuard™ Vertical Laminar Flow Fume Cupboard

Product Features

  • ISO 5 vertical laminar airflow
  • Guard™ control system monitors HEPA filter, blower speed & filter change
  • Fluorescent light standard
  • Available in 110V or 220V AC
  • 360 degree visibility within unit
  • Polypropylene base for simple cleaning
  • Thermoplastic construction
  • Cord access port
  • Optional ULPA filter
  • Optional trolley


The Laboratory Systems Group SafeGuard™ vertical laminar flow (VLF) fume cupboard provides a clean work space for non-hazardous applications using ISO 5 vertical laminar airflow. Ideal for a wide range of applications, such as cell culture, optics cleaning, trace metal analysis and sterile compounding, the SafeGuard™ VLF ensures processes are free from airborne particulate throughout the cupboard. The Guard™ control system monitors the HEPA filter, and notifies the operator when a filter change is required. Teamed with our specially designed trolley, the SafeGuard™ VLF is a portable, lightweight option with simple maintenance and easy cleaning. To find out whether the Laboratory Systems Group vertical laminar flow fume cupboard is right for your application, contact us now.

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DIMENSIONS SafeGuard VLF™ 800 SafeGuard VLF™ 1200
HEIGHT - EXTERNAL (mm) 990 990
WIDTH - EXTERNAL (mm) 800 1200
DEPTH - EXTERNAL (mm) 600 600