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Fumex Vehicle Exhaust Nozzles

Fumex Vehicle Exhaust Nozzles

Product Features

  • Nozzles for a variety of vehicles
  • Suitable for both manual & automatic disconnection
  • Full range of branch connectors & hose burst safety devices available
  • Rubber construction for use in cars
  • Steel plate & rubber construction for use in auto repair stations & plant machinery


The Fumex exhaust nozzles are ideal for all types of vehicles, for both manual and automatic disconnection. For cars, the nozzle is constructed entirely of rubber to avoid damaging the vehicle, while for use with auto repair stations and plant machinery, the nozzle is constructed from a combination of steel plate and rubber. Fumex provides a full range of branch connectors and hose burst safety devices.

Oval rubber nozzle
Simple to connect to single or double exhaust pipes up to 70 x 150 mm, 75 x 170 mm and 100 x 200 mm
Attachment by means of clip, clamp or ties
With or without tight-sealing damper
-30˚C to +150˚C

Clip sections made from steel and rubber
Round aperture
With or without tight-sealing damper
-30˚C to +200˚C

Nozzle for cab-mounted exhausts
Made from zinc-plated steel
Complete with handle and shock absorber
-30˚C to +150˚C

Branch connector
For double exhaust pipes
Made from zinc-plated steel
1 m of compressible hose per branch

Pneumatic rubber nozzle
Connected to the exhaust pipe by inflating the sleve with compressed air
Round nozzle (temperature range -30˚C to +150˚C)
Oval nozzle (temperature range -30˚C to +200˚C)
Complete sets for automatic or manual disconnection
Complete with 45˚ pipe curve, 0.75 m of hose and slide valve
The pneumatic rubber sleeve can also be supplied separately

Hose burst safety device
Made entirely from rubber
Easy to install

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