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Fumex RZX Local Fume Extractor

Fumex RZX Local Fume Extractor

Product Features

  • External arm supports
  • Multiple hose dimensions – 100, 125, 160mm diameters
  • Supplied with partial assembly for ease of installation
  • Available in lengths 14.5, 6.5 and 8.5 metres
  • Hose quality according to field application
  • Optional ceiling or wall mounting for extraction over distances of up to 6.5 metres
  • Numerous accessories available including flat screen hood, conical hood, extension hose & more


The Fumex RZX local extractor with gas springs is ideal for large working radiuses where flexibility and efficient extraction are required. The RZX is equipped with a unique double joint that offers exceptional flexibility across the entire worksite. The horizontal double joint minimises air flow loss and makes the RZX suitable for installation on premises with a low ceiling. The RZX features a gas spring that ensures ease of use without rebounding when positioned, even in the outer position. The suction nozzle incorporates a swivel function and may be rotated 360 degrees and moved to a 90 degree angle.

Fumex always designs its local extractors with supporting arms on the outside, which ensure a natural and undisturbed airflow. In addition, the pressure drop will be low and there is hardly any risk of ducts being blocked. The RZX may also be equipped with a flat screen hood for even greater efficiency. A conical hood, with or without halogen light, is also available. The smooth inside of the suction duct makes the RZX very easy to clean. Adjustments of joints as well as maintenance can easily be taken care of with hand tools from the outside.

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