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Fumex MiniTEX Local Fume Extractor

Fumex MiniTEX Local Fume Extractor

Product Features

  • Compact local extractor
  • Adjustable telescopic function
  • High air volume in the suction nozzle ensures effective capture of pollutants
  • Ideal for low ceiling & low hanging light fixtures
  • A direct airflow & an absence of internal components results in a low pressure drop, minimising the risk of noise problems
  • Easy to operate & position
  • Rotates through to 360 degrees with flexible suction nozzle
  • Made from anodised aluminium & PVC hose
  • Ceiling or wall mounting
  • Gas spring to balance weight of arm
  • Multiple accessories available including metal hood, dome hood, flat screen hood & more


The Fumex MiniTEX is a telescopic local extractor suitable for laboratories requiring a compact extraction system with a very low pressure drop. MiniTEX is equipped with gas springs to balance the weight of the arm. Its adjustable telescopic function, moveable angle joint and 360 degree swivel, along with the flexible suction unit, gives a local extractor that is both easily moved and has stable positioning. Fumex always design their local extractors with external support arms, which ensures a natural and linear airflow.

With the special telescopic function, the MiniTEX has a much lower pressure drop than conventional suction arms. The MiniTEX can also be equipped with different hoods, which further increase the extraction efficiency. The joints and telescopic function can be simply adjusted from the outside. The smooth tubes ensure simple internal cleaning of the extraction duct. The arm is supplied complete with an airtight damper. The Fumex MiniTEX is available in designs for ceiling or wall mounting.

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