Press Release - Lab Systems Group

Press Release - Lab Systems Group

Waldner strengthens its presence and service offerings in Australia

Waldner, operating in Australia as Waldner Pty Ltd, is a global leader for design and manufacture of laboratory furniture, fume hoods and laboratory infrastructure systems. The group of companies is now strengthening its presence and service offerings in Australia by acquiring Laboratory Systems Group Pty Ltd, a pioneer in Australia for lab solutions designed for maximum safety and optimum performance, using the highest quality materials and workmanship.

"For Waldner, this addition makes perfect sense and is a consistent next step in expanding our customer base in the important growth market of Australia. Customers in the region will benefit from our broad product portfolio and high-quality solutions, whilst being able to rely on service and quality made in Australia", says Maximilian Englisch, Global Vice President of Sales at Waldner Group, who will together with the current management team, be at the helm of Lab Systems going forward.

Waldner continues to grow on a global scale and has cemented its position as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of laboratory furniture and fume hood systems. Backed by a world-class manufacturing facility, sound expertise in customised engineering and an extensive global sales and service presence, Waldner has continued to strengthen its position as a market-leading and technically superior company. With this acquisition, the global market leader joins forces with the leading Australian supplier to offer clients in Australia and New Zealand unprecedented solutions for safe and sustainable laboratories.

About Waldner

The Waldner Group develops and produces customised filling systems, process systems, laboratories and learning spaces. Waldner is making groundbreaking contributions to nutrition, healthcare and education with its products – in diverse industries, ranging from pharmaceuticals and R&D to food and animal feed. The South German company was founded in 1908 and has grown throughout its 100-year history to become a globally sought-after partner with over 450 million dollars annual revenue. The successful transformation into a global technology company is driven by over 1,600 people with strong innovative skills worldwide.

About Laboratory Systems Group

For over 45 years, Laboratory Systems Group has been providing Australian clients with fume and other contamination control equipment, specialising in the consultation, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of scientific spaces and controlled environments. Lab Systems has evolved from a small, family-run customised plastics manufacturer to a leading provider of scientific and laboratory equipment, recognised throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Please note:- Laboratory Systems Group Pty Ltd – new ABN 71 661 214 419

Additional Information (FAQs)

1) How will customers benefit from this merger?

Following the integration of both companies, customers can look forward to a single unified entity in Australia and New Zealand, under the trusted name of Laboratory Systems Group Pty. Ltd. The aim of this new organisation will be to provide customers with a world-class product & end-to-end solution offering, that draws on the best of both parties. There will be a significant strengthening of sales, project management and service aspects and our clients can look forward to more technical support from the concept design to the commissioning of their lab spaces. Lab Systems will proudly be Australia's only full-service supplier for laboratory spaces including fume cupboards, furniture and fit-out.

2) What will this merger mean for the existing customers of both companies? What will be the impact on ongoing projects?

All existing and ongoing projects will continue to be designed, manufactured, and installed without any changes or disruption to customers. The same teams that have been handling the projects to date will continue to do so. Both Lab Systems and Waldner are jointly responsible for ensuring the completion of their respective projects without any impact on the customer or committed deliverables.

3) What will this merger mean for the past clients of both companies? What is the impact on warranty and service support?

All past projects and clients of both companies will continue to receive support for the products supplied by both organisations. There will be no changes to the warranty terms, and commitments will be honored. Spares and parts will also be maintained to ensure continuity of support. The respective service teams will still be in place and will continue to assist customers at all points.

4) What will this merger mean for potential customers that have projects currently at the design and estimation stage?

All existing products of both companies will continue to coexist. This offers our clients a greater choice at the design and estimation stage. Due to the improved supply chain and delivery capacities, we will be able to serve our customers with even higher quality and shorter lead times while ensuring customer experience and processes will continue seamlessly.

5) What will be the product offering? Will products be imported or made in Australia?

Customers can look forward to an enhanced product range and the new entity will offer the entire product portfolio of both organisations along with several new developments. Customers will be given the choice of importing products directly from Germany or selecting products proudly made in Australia from the strong manufacturing base in Lilydale Victoria.

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