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Fumex Terfu Local Fume Extractor

Fumex Terfu Local Fume Extractor

Product Features

  • Easy positioning to the pollution source
  • Positional stability
  • Supplied assembled for ease of installation
  • Suitable for multiple industries & applications
  • 360 degree rotation & 100mm ventilation channel
  • Tight-sealing damper as standard
  • Support springs balance out the weight of the arm
  • Numerous accessories available including suction nozzle, metal hood, dome hood, shovel hood, flat screen hood, flexible suction nozzle & more


The Fumex Terfu is the ideal local extractor for laboratory environments requiring a high level of flexibility. The Terfu provides simple positioning to the pollution source, positional stability, and is supplied assembled for ease of installation. The standard variation is suitable for extracting most types of airborne pollutants in laboratories, schools and universities, hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, the hair and beauty industry and the electronics industry. The Terfu’s joints contain ball bearings and have a large frictional diameter, making the unit easily adjustable by means of a one-handed knob.

Numerous variants are available, including –

For use in most laboratory environments
Joints made from polypropylene and tubes from anodised aluminium

For environments containing high concentrates of corrosive pollutants
Joints and tubes made from polypropylene

For explosive environments
Joints and tubes made from conductive polypropylene

For environments where there is a risk of sparks from static electricity in the electronics industry
Joints and tubes made from conductive polypropylene

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